How do I enroll in one of your programme?

You can download the admission form directly from our website send the form to us with fees or you can visit our institute.

Who recognizes your courses?

Our courses are recognized by “BSS” (Bharat Sevak Samaj) “A National Development Agency Sponsored by the planning Commission Govt of India” and “Indian Association of Radiological Technologist”.

What is the difference between your courses and courses at other places? Are they teaching the same techniques?

We think that some of the courses introduced by our institute are not available in any other institute in India . This is the only institute which will provide you complete practical training, personality development and your overall grooming all under one roof.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid and /or fee waivers are available for only some categories of students. For more information please visit our institute.

Can I practice abroad after doing your course?

Yes, medical technicians are also included in the MODL (Most occupational Demand List) of many countries.

Can I Do a course part-time?

Yes you can do the course part time or through correspondence if you are already working as a technician. For more information please visit our institute or contact us.

When will I get my certificate and what will it say?

The Diploma/Certificate is awarded to the student on completion of the course enrolled in. The sample of the certificate is available on the website.

What kind of payment plans do you offer?

It’s best to speak with one of our admission officer/administrator about the different financial aid programs which may be available to you. They will be glad to assist you.

When do you begin practical (hands on) training vs. lecture?

We incorporate both practical as well as lecture from the very first day of class. Approximately 80% of the hours of the course are concentrated on the practical study to prepare you for the job.

Do you provide any hostel facility to the students?

It is going to be located in the campus near to college building.

Do you take students out on visits?

Yes, occasionally we do take our students for visits related to our field.

Are these courses only for boys?

Yes, occasionally we do take our students for visits related to our field.

What happens if I take a leave for a week or more during the course?

Students can avail leave for valid reasons by applying for it in advance or submitting leave application once they join back. The onus of covering up the syllabi lies on students. Leave will be no criteria for extension of validity. The leave days are entered in the student log book.

Do you help students find employment?

Yes we assure 100% job placement to the deserving candidates.